The power of geometry

Network graph representations of complex metric spaces are fed to downstream machine learning algorithms.

Subgroups associated to the target output are identify, and underlying rules extracted.


Topological Data Analysis for targeted recommendations

Data has shape, and that shape can be used in conjunction with machine learning in our analysis platform, GEODE, to drive business decisions.

AI and machine learning are great tools to find relationships within data. Adding geometric information to this, using topological data analysis, gives even better results.


Life Sciences

Subgrouping of patient data for clinical trials and diagnostics. GEODE helps determine not just responders for precision medicine, but also biomarkers of response for future therapeutic targets and diagnostics.


Actively determine parameters during product manufacturing and testing which correlate to defects. The information found by GEODE can be integrated into real-time solutions of product development and testing to minimize reclamations.


Determine variables correlated with financial markets and instruments of interest. GEODE can help build highly accurate models of risk assessment and interest pricing, for maximum competitiveness.